deepWORK® New Ideas

Workshop Descriptions
In this advanced workshop new exercises and ideas are being presented, tried out and developed. Due to targeted training structure the deepWORK® trainer can ideally take care of and demand every single participant – besides the course gets fresher and alternates more often.


Target group workshops
Course trainers who have already successfully completed the module deepWORK® Basic, deepWORK® Teaching by Elements and deepWORK® Instructor; Direct entry is not possible.


Objectives of workshops
Inspiration through new exercises, variations and combinations
Fresh ideas for all deepWORK® courses


Theoretical topics of workshops
Intensification of deepWORK® techniques
Training management and training intensity


Practical topics of workshops
New exercises, variations and combinations of swing phase 1
New exercises, variations and combinations of swing phase 2
New functional exercises and strengthening exercises and variations for swing phase 2
New ideas for relaxation and reflection for energy Phase 7



deepWORK® Basic

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deepWORK® Teaching by Elements

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deepWORK® Instructor

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