A programme of the IFHIAS Institute

The International Fitness & Health Institute of Applied Sciences (IFHIAS) is the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Robert Steinbacher for the deepWORK® programme for the international market.
In so doing the Institute has specialised in research and teaching in group training in the fitness industry and is constantly expanding its range – even to content outside of group training: Offers for fitness and personal trainers are to be found just as much as workshops and seminars for executives.
“Disce, Doce, Dilige” – “Learn, Teach, Rejoice”!

The IFHIAS Institute is not only committed to offering the most up to date learning opportunities, but to working actively on this status. In addition to the cooperation with various institutes and universities, our Institute is itself engaged scientifically. Teaching and research should go hand in hand. This is why one can no longer imagine the international market of the fitness and health industry without the IFHIAS Institute and why it rightly has the status of a market leader.

What is deepWORK®?

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Created by Robert Steinbacher

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