7 energy phases

The training takes place in 7 energy phases:

Energy Phase 1 – symbolises the Earth element

  • Arrive
  • Mobilisation
  • Breathing and sensitising

Energy Phase 2 – symbolises the element wood

  • Expansion of energy
  • Warm up the entire musculature

Energy Phase 3 – symbolises the transition from wood element to fire element

  • Expansion to circulation of energy
  • Cardiovascular activation

Energy Phase 4 – symbolises the element fire

  • Circulation of energy
  • Swing phase 1:
    • Training between cardiovascular coordination exercises and static held or static dynamic sequences
    • CrossWorx training based on the principle of Yin & Yang (polarisation)
    Energy Phase 5 – symbolises the elements of fire and metal

    • Circulation and lowering the energy
    • Swing phase 2:
        functional strength exercises, coordinative heart circulation stimulating exercises, training of jump strength, speed strength

    Energy Phase 6 – symbolises the element fire

    • Circulation of energy
    • pure endurance training with coordination exercises (repetition of exercises from swing phase 1)

    Energy Phase 6 to 7 – symbolises the element metal

    • Lowering of energy
    • Lowering of the heart rate

    Energy Phase 7 – symbolises the element water

    • Balancing, dormant energy
    • Concentration on breathing
    • Sensitising

    Specific intervals

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    Event weeks and travel

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