Can pregnant women do deepWORK®?

As a basic principle, the following applies: Listen to your body! Depending on whether you have done sport before, we recommend you leave out the jumps and possibly check your heart rate. At the same time, it is recommended to possibly make more breaks. As a general rule: The decision is very individual and depends on many factors: general fitness and health, the doctor’s recommendation, etc.


Do I have to train barefoot? Why is barefoot training mandatory?

There are several reasons why we recommend barefoot training: The arch of the foot can only be muscularly strengthened barefoot, at the same time the plantar fascia provide a reflexive tension of the pelvic floor. Also we want to train the perception and the proprioception in deepWORK® training and use the foot or ankle functionally.


The floor is very slippery during training – what can I do?

It is advisable to work on a mat. For hygienic reasons it is recommended to buy your own yoga mat and use it.


Who can and may do deepWORK® training? Which target groups are aimed at with deepWORK®?

“deepWORK® shows the personal weaknesses of the body – like any training. It is a cardio-intensive training – the option always remains to return to the basic movement. Therefore, the training is possible for everyone. Of course there are contraindications such as e.g. herniated discs, etc.
In case of doubt always: Listen to the recommendation of your doctor!

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