Specific intervals

In Swing phase 1 the targeted exchange of power and cardio-intervals is used – called: CROSSWORX.

Because the concept of interval training in sports science is clearly defined in contrast such that switching between stress and recovery intervals takes place, it is not an interval training in the classical sense.

In this method called CROSSWORX the body receives no rest interval. Although the load form of the body moves between cardio and strength, one surely cannot speak of a recovery of the “body” system. Individual areas may meanwhile expeience a certain recovery interval if, for example after a power interval for the chest muscles a cardio interval follows mainly for the legs. But usually the muscles used overlap each other and generally the cardio-vascular system gets no recovery since it is naturally also required as much in the power intervals as in the cardio intervals.

So CROSSWORX trains both the power and the cardiovascular system. Due to the lack of breaks, the intensity here is very high and represents a deliberate challenge to the participants.

How does CROSSWORX benefit us?

  • Immensely high workload (energy consumption during training)
  • Rel. high after burning effect (energy recovery to regeneration)
  • Increase power
  • Increase performance of the cardio-vascular system
  • Increase the physical stress tolerance *1
  • Improved lactate tolerance *2
  • Improved mental stress tolerance (learn to “bite”, to conquer oneself)

*1 Note: Physical well being correlates closely with physical stress tolerance. A stress-tolerant locomotor hurts less than a stress-intolerant body at the same load and is also more mobile. We are therefore also training here for quality of life in everyday life.
*2 Note: In the meantime lactate is considered no more than an annoying end product with a tolerance limit rather than a usable intermediate product for energy gaining of muscle metabolism at high loads.

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