The development

For now it is important to define what is the approach to functional training in deepWORK®: The entire human musculoskeletal system works “only” as a unified system consisting of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and finally very importantly, people’s emotion and self-motivation. In functional training, it is important to transform, coordinate and optimise all these elements and aspects into movements and exercises.

In short: It only makes sense to consider people as a whole and thus also to train them to aim for success (results) on a physical and mental level.

Already a long time ago we discovered that percussion (drums) – continuous repetitions – and letting go of movements have a healing effect. In other cultures, for example, this is celebrated into a trance. Today there are a number of techniques in movement therapy up to meditation that promote physical and mental release in motion.

In deepWORK® training the participant is supported by background music with deep rhythms and driving percussion, which helps one build strength, give emotions free rein and go beyond one’s personal boundaries.

The vision

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