The vision

Robert Steinbacher: “To explain what constitutes deepWORK® and its success, I would first like to describe how and why the training was actually created. In 1993, I worked as a movement therapist and educator close to Salzburg with disabled children in the HPZ (Medical Center). The essence of this work is the support and promotion of the motor functions of the human body.

After this work, in 1994 I founded the bodyARTschool, which makes “Group Fitness Therapy” the central topic and develops concepts that promote the functionality of people and train the body. Through the establishment of many international schools and the training of instructors, therapists and top athletes, I’ve been closely watching the development of the fitness industry in recent years.

The trend in fitness studios is clearly towards functional training, with less time spent and less quality content, where an obvious change of the body is desired. The future of fitness is clearly total body workout and the promotion of health in people and the associated responsibility for one’s own body. “Functional training” is the buzzword on everyone’s lips and is desired by the consumer.

From the point of view of the owner of the studio or the instructor, the course area must be accessible again for men and women of all ages and interests. Choreography and toning courses were very popular in recent years and will still be interesting for specific target groups. The majority of participants however is evolving into an integrated (holistic) future. The course areas have to change, and I think that’s something very positive, because only if you develop qualitatively and go in new directions can you move something and that’s the motivation and passion of our profession.

Many people have lost the awareness about the functionality of their body or give this responsibility to the trainer, therapist or doctor. Over the years, I often asked myself: Where are people in everyday life and what do people desire or need?

And why is people’s body consciousness often so minimal? I made it my task to develop my concepts exclusivey around this central theme.
In recent years it was my vision to develop a training programme that is not based on previous classical fitness concepts or interprets them differently; I wanted to create a completely new approach to movement and energy. I succeeded…

deepWORK® is my answer to a changing future.”

The development

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