Holistic Functional Training

“Functional Training” always has a logical and comprehensible background. The selected exercises must necessarily happen against the interindividual background of the participant. Functional training exercises are NOT to be confused with non-specific tricks.

In sport functional training is called generally athletic training. In sports and everyday life, fundamental movements are strongly similar, so athletic training in adapted form is perfectly suitable for the attainment of high health and fitness of the hobby sportsperson, but not in high quality guided by leisure trainers.

An important part of athletic training are both barbell exercises and “real” weight lifting as well as sport-specific exercises alone with the body. A functional group fitness programme can of course not concentrate on the interindividual requirements of each participant, but forms an average of the requirements of the participant group.

Analogous to the constituents of athletics training in competitive sports in terms of content, high-quality barbell programmes, in particular the IRON SYSTEM® as well as certain everyday and sport-specific programmes that work only with the body weight of the participants (here deepWORK® is particularly notable) are to be classified as “functional”.

Statements on deepWORK®

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