Statements on deepWORK®

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Dirk Buesch – Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IFHIAS Institute:

“deepWORK® represents an extremely attractive, focused and at the same time efficient training of motor skills for group training in clubs and gyms, but also in leisure, popular and power sports. Only full-body movements are used in deepWORK®, which are based on everyday and athletic movements.  Strength, endurance and flexibility are not isolated, but trained, taking into account functional anatomical criteria and good physiotherapy considerations. The movements in deepWORK® require thereby the contemporaneous coordinated employment of many muscles and also cause an extraordinarily high energy consumption in training. Through the integrative approach not only the inter-muscular coordination of the major muscle groups, but also the postural muscle is addressed through holding exercises with dynamic ratios, i.e. the deeper lying, joint supporting and protective muscle in terms of an improved functionality of movement – just a real “functional training”. In summary it should be noted that deepWORK® supports performance improvement and health promotion as well as the reduction of body fat, body feeling etc. in a way that no other group training formats currently offer.”


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