deepWORK® Teaching by Elements

Workshop Descriptions
To gain more confidence and alternation in teaching deepWORK® courses is a valuable possibility to improve oneself and one’s own quality. New teaching methods ensure that teaching gets easier on the one side and participants can profit from the professionalism.


Target group workshops
Instructors who have already completed the deepWORK® Basic module successfully; Direct entry is not possible.


Objectives of workshops
Deepening the existing knowledge, and learning new exercise combinations to be able to lead safe and more varied deepWORK® classes.


Theoretical topics of workshops
Learning and applying new teaching methods (Teaching Skills)
Technique (squat, supporting exercises that work with the spine)
Target groups and the corresponding adjustment of deepWORK® courses
Deepening of construction methods
The meaning of Yin & Yang in deepWORK® Training


Practical topics of workshops
Technique training with feedback from the Master Trainer
Building up of the exercises
Transitions from training sequences
New exercises and exercise combinations
Teaching in different levels
Variations and teaching the final phases



deepWORK® Basic

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